Macaron Day 2019 in the Vancouver Area

On March 20th bakeries, cafes, patisseries, and other wonderful creators of the macaron around the world will be celebrating Macaron Day 2019. Vancouver is no different. It has happened every year for something like eight years but I have never enjoyed it before....

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Hot Chocolate Festival 2019 in Vancouver

Once a year for 3-4 weeks in January and February, Vancouver hosts the Hot Chocolate Festival, 2019 was no different. It’s a time of year when places make a pretty big effort and offer some amazing concoctions of chocolate joy for people to enjoy. For people like me...

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Shopping and Eating in London – A Few Ideas

London is a massive city with so much to offer, it is impossible to list everything. But what I can do is list a few of the places where I have spent time shopping and eating in London. I can also try to share a bit of information on what is available and what you can...

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Cookie Challenge of 2018 in the Vancouver Area

Over the years I have heard of different food and drink challenges taking place around the lower mainland but I never looked into them let alone participated. Until this year when I checked out the Vancouver Foodster website to see what he had going for 2018. There...

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