For the October TopBox subscription box, when I received the email offering choices, I once again stuck with the regular monthly subscription box but this time I chose the organza bag for packaging. I think I preferred the organza bag over the decorative cylinder container for the TopBox subscription boxes. Aesthetically speaking, I liked both, but there will be more opportunities to reuse the organza bag. There was quite the variety of products this month from TopBox and I really enjoyed that.

Harvey Prince Organics Keravegan Repairing & Hydrating Masque – 30ml
Being chemically damaged, I am happy to try products that will bring some much needed moisture to my frizzy hair. I liked this repairing & hydrating hair masque by Harvey Prince Organics. I applied it after I washed and conditioned my hair, then I left in on for approx. 5 minutes. I decided not to add any of the normal product I use to help with the frizz so that I could decide if this masque really worked. It did. If my hair wasn’t so damaged, or if I used it on a regular basis, it would definitely help more. Once it was dry, my hair was a lot less frizzy than it normally is.

eyeko London Fat Eye Stick – 4g in Smoke
I love the concept of this eyeko London Fat Eye Stick eyeshadow, and I really love the colour but unfortunately I didn’t love the product on me. This eyeshadow goes on super easy and very smoothly with a real creamy feel to it. Unfortunately I can’t decide if my eyelids are always greasy or sweaty but either way when I applied this eyeshadow it ended up just creasing almost immediately and I lost the colour off most of my eyelid very quickly.

Dr Roebuck’s PURE – 20ml
Dr Roebuck’s PURE was a very thick, heavy moisturizing cream that absorbed into my skin and wasn’t greasy at all. It is also fragrance free. While it felt like my face couldn’t breathe, my skin obviously liked it because I didn’t have any breakouts after trying it. It also provided the added moisturizing that my skin requires.

Ciate Nail Polish – 13.5ml in Antique Brooch
The Ciate Antique Brooch nail polish isn’t your average glittery nail polish. There are also some larger rose-gold flecks with the gold glitter to add a bit more texture and colour to your nails. This nail polish can be worn alone to sparkle-up your hands and complete your look for an evening or you can add it on top of your current favourite nail polish for a little extra pizzaz. In the picture above with the applied nail polish, you are seeing my Mom’s nails with two coats of the antique brooch applied over a clear base coat. It didn’t matter if there was a base coat or not when taking it off though. Both times were easier than I was expecting after trying to remove other glittery nail polishes.


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