When I signed-up for the BeautyBox 5 Subscription Box I was offered the chance to purchase a previous box for $10 USD instead of $15. Of course I said yes and I was excited when it shipped out a week later. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an actual previous box, it was several different items from several different previous boxes put together into this one box. To say I was highly disappointed with the offerings would be an understatement. I gave everything but one item away.

There was an eyeshadow palette with several shades of purple, most of them very dark, and the plastic packaging was actually coming apart from the cardboard packaging. There was a hand lotion that had dried up hand lotion caking the inside of the cap. The cheek and lip stain as well as the eyeliner were both okay but not my colours. The only thing I kept was the cotton candy pink coloured nail polish. It too was not my normal colour but nails are different and much easier to use any new colour with. Plus, I paid for the box and I wanted to keep something.

I almost cancelled my subscription with BeautyBox5 after that initial box but I decided to give them one more chance with the September box. I was definitely much happier with that offering. If I had the choice again, I wouldn’t waste the $10 USD on that previous box option.

Be a Bombshell Smooth Criminal HD Finishing Powder – 4g
I don’t know if it mattered but I ended up applying this translucent powder on my face before my make-up, but without using foundation. I tapped my brush before applying it but I’m not sure if it was enough or if the powder requires foundation first because the colour of my face turned a bit white. It didn’t go away like I thought it would either, hours later when I looked in the mirror before washing my face, it was still a bit white. My face just looked a little too obvious for me to want to use it again, although I might try it one more time with foundation first.

Happy Hair Turban
Even though my hair is very fine and it therefore naturally dries quite quickly I enjoyed using this hair turban. I’m not sure if this works on decreasing frizz in your hair if you have normal, frizzy hair but I didn’t notice a difference with my chemically damaged, frizzy hair. Although it doesn’t have to be magical for me to want to continue using it, I enjoyed the light weight of it while it was wrapping my wet hair up and out of my face.

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer – 15ml
My face reacts poorly to moisturizers or make-up that contain any SPF so unfortunatly because this does contain SPF, I wasn’t able to use it. From what I have red of the brand though, it looks really good. I like the ingredients they have listed on their web-site for this moisturizer.

GoSmile Teeth Whitening Gel – 14g
The hardest part about using this whitening gel is remembering not to wet your toothbrush before applying the toothpaste and the gel. I’ve been using it for a few days now though and I’m not sure if I can notice any difference, I think I should have taken before and after pictures. I like the idea that it was included in the box though. I don’t drink coffee or red wine but I used to drink a crazy amount of cola for many years. It was nice to have this included in the BeautyBox 5 September box because it allowed me the opportunity to try one of the many products out there for teeth whitening.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
I enjoyed the wide range of products in this September box. Such a variety. These facial wipes though were another item I wasn’t able to use. My face does not like cleansing clothes, at all. The reactions tend to always be the same, burning and breakouts.

Bonus – I received a card in the September box from BeautyBox 5 that said, “We thought your first box needed a little extra sparkle. Enjoy this bonus full-size Marsk eyeshadow just for subscribing with us!” I know this is obviously something they give all new subscribers but after my disappointment with that first extra box I received, I was really happy and impressed with this offer. It did a lot to appease me.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow – Vanilla Frosting, 1.2g
I like the convenience of this eyeshadow as well as the colour. The fact that it is a powder in a pot, makes it easier to carry and not have to worry about breaking. I find when I carry make-up with me, my eyeshadow palettes always break and then I am left with surprise pieces of compact powder all over my make-up bag. Hopefully just the bag.


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