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Podcast Guest

I was a guest on the Beyond Diagnosis Podcast w/Rita De Michelle. We talked about the trauma I went through, reactions of people around me, and how I did what I needed to to keep going. Which involved writing and how that helped change my life.

Previous Podcast Episodes I’ve Been A Guest On

Kornelia’s show is LIVE on the The Transformation Network every Friday at 12:00 pm PST but you can catch the replay with video on YouTube. My session starts at 26:10.

The main goal of Erykah’s podcast is to “start a conversation and spread awareness about topics and subjects that everyone can relate to”. While discussing my journey to being a Self-Publishing coach we touch on many topics.

Keep Hope Alive Podcast with Nadine

Nadine and I chatted about Self-Publishing and various other life subjects.


An Evening At The Movies

This podcast was done purely for fun. We both watched a movie then we talked about it and life topics. For around 15-minutes in the beginning we even disussed my favourite subject, Self-Publishing. *movie was Pain Hustlers

“Cut sugar?! That’s so extreme!”: Teresa

While my visit with Netta didn’t involve Self-Publishing, we did discuss my health journey and how eating healthy foods seemed like such an extrememe action to myself and everyone around me. Doing something outside the box, like writing and Self-Publishing, can cause a lot of pushback from yourself and others.

Sarah and I discuss how I found purpose in my pain, how writing helped me find healing. We also discuss finding your process, doing what your soul tells you, stop trying to go back to what was and instead go to what is meant to be next, and taking chances you’re comfortable with.

Dani’s background and education created a discussion with me that encompassed so much. She asked some deeper questions than I am used to but we did discuss how I started writing to heal after car accidents, losing my Dad to cancer, leaving my job after 13 1/2 years, and other trauma experienced within 18-months. We also get into my self-publishing journey and how I now coach others to learn it for themselves.

Of course Brenda and I discuss writing and self-publishing but what makes this conversation different is that we get into how the baby steps get you there. We also talk about solo female travel, adventure and once again how baby steps get you out to experience your own.

I was a guest on the Profit Your Knowledge Podcast w/James Allen. We talked about what led me to writing and Self-Publishing and how writing a book that compliments your business is a way to market yourself in front of a new audience. I also shared a few tips and tricks. Going into this experience I was a bit nervous but James is an experienced host and made it easy.


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