Being those ‘just in case’ people, we are going to list a bunch of policy bits here. We are not lawyers though so if anything is missed, know that it is not intentional. This page implies it is covered.

We strive to share interesting, helpful, and encouraging content with integrity and hopefully a bit of humour. We also appreciate and respect our readers so we will be up front and honest with our content.


Disclosure Policy

Since this website is also a source of income, it may include endorsements or testimonials so here is some information about that for you.

  • This website might be used to promote products, services, or other businesses.
  • We will only promote products/services/business that we have used or feel will be beneficial to our visitors.
  • Products provided to us for our review are given to us free of charge. This does not ensure a positive review of the product though, in any way.
  • We will always give our honest opinion about a product or service whether we are partnering with the service provider and/or received payment, or not.
  • Dapsile is a website that exists to provide accurate, helpful information to our readers, so because it is our top priority, we will not compromise the truth to make money. You can trust us on that.
  • If an article is sponsored, we will tell you.
  • Some of the links on this website are Affiliate Links. This means we will earn a commission if you purchase a product from that link. You will still pay the same price, we just basically get a reward for referring you.


Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Dapsile does not store any information about your visit other than to analyze your reading experience. We use Google Analytics to track statistics regarding our visitors and our website traffic. Absolutely no personal or identifiable information is transferred from the website to this company. We don’t know who you are.

Dapsile may provide personal information to an applicable third party in order to provide a service. We currently use MailerLite for delivery of newsletters so their use of your personal information is subject to the MailerLite privacy policy. But just so you know, if you trust us with your email address when you sign-up for a newsletter, that is all that will happen. You will receive a newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Your personal information is not shared with any other third-party applications. We will not sell, distribute or reveal user’s email addresses or other personal information without consent. This does not include third-party partners, such as those listed above.

We are not responsible for any republished content from this website on other websites or blogs without our permission.




This website is for entertainment and informational purposes only. The intention is to do no harm. No professional advise (medical, legal, fitness, health, emotional or any other) will be given on Dapsile. All the information given is accurate and true, to the best of our knowledge. There might be mistakes, errors or something might have been omitted.

If you rely on any information on this website, it will be at your own risk so any, and all, authors of Dapsile, will not be liable for loss/damages/inconvenience. We do our best to ensure all information and links are accurate at the time of publishing but there is no guarantee that it will not change.

We at Dapsile try not to knowingly injure, defame, or libel anyone. We share information and personal opinions. All opinions are expressed by the author and absolutely nobody else associated with the author will be responsible for the content. If content matter, bad grammar, spelling, slang or punctuation translates or is interpreted into something bad in any country or culture, it was not the intent and we will not be held responsible for it.

We review all comments and reserve the right to delete any comment if deemed inappropriate. Once a comment is published, we won’t be held responsible for the contents of the website comments. We are not responsible for any laws that may be broken in any country through the content, implication and intent of the website comments.

Please share the original articles on social media, with credit to Dapsile, if you want. But remember, all the content and photographic content are the property of the authors and photographers of Dapsile. None of the articles or images may be used for anything without specific written permission from Dapsile. You can email us at admin@dapsile.com

Dapsile reserves the right to change the focus or content of this website at any time, shut the website down or change the terms of use without any notice. Opinions expressed in articles may also change over time.


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