Thank you FabFitFun. Thank you for once again impressing me with your quarterly subscription box. The FabFitFun Fall 2017 box has a bit of a keep warm theme, depending on what you choose, because once again there were some options we were able to pick.

I’m actually really enjoying this feature where we get to choose a few items for our box. Most of the items in the FabFitFun subscription box are a surprise but we are given the opportunity to choose two items. Well, you can choose two different items or you can also buy the others and receive an additional 1-2 items.

The FabFitFun Fall 2017 subscription box and the Post Fall Editor’s box have both already Sold Out. It was unfortunate but it does give you an idea of how wonderful, and popular, this box is. You are welcome to use this affiliate link and the coupon code ‘WINTER10’ for $10 OFF the FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box though.


Mer-Sea & Co – Scarf

Ooooooohhhhh, this plush, wide scarf is so very soft. You could wear it as a nice big scarf or because it is long and wide, you could also wear it as a shawl. It does leave a bit of fuzz on your clothes but I am hoping that once I wash it, it won’t be as bad. It seems to shed less than last year’s blanket scarf though.

Private Party – Gym Bag

The perfect sized cute bag for your trip to the gym. It’s denim with white handles, white lettering and a zippered pocket on one end of the bag. There were a few different sayings but mine reads ‘Meet Me At The Barre’. The straps also wrap around the entire bag so you know it’s durable and the straps shouldn’t rip off.

Whish Beauty – Renewing Mud Mask

Because of a few events I had to attend, I haven’t had a chance to try this mud mask yet but I will update the article when I do. Apparently, this mask can be abrasive. It is supposed to only be on your face for like 15 seconds for the first time because there might be a reaction. I can tell you it doesn’t have a scent though.

Trestique – Matte Colour & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon

I really like this awesome duo. One end has a shiny lip balm that isn’t sticky like a lip gloss but it does have a very subtle tint as well as a really nice, warm, soft scent. Actually it wiped off clear on my hand so maybe the tint isn’t really there.

The other end has a lip crayon with a magnetic lid that is really cool when it snaps back into place. I’m not fond of the Tuscan Wine colour of the crayon but it glides on very smoothly. While it’s not sticky, it can smudge easily. Using the lip balm first with the crayon over top, allows your lips to stay moisturized while coloured up. All in one stick.

Deco Miami – Lavender Cuticle Oil

This cuticle oil is easy to apply but unfortunately it has a bit of a perfume scent to it. I say unfortunately but that’s just my preference. While it does take a bit of time for the oil to be absorbed, the idea is it will nourish and soften your cuticles. Mine are doing pretty good right now though so I can’t tell you if the oil works well.

Imm Living – Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder

This jewelry holder is a round, white ceramic base with a wire, heart shaped addition. It would be great for earrings. It would probably be a bit too short for necklaces unless you don’t mind them mostly sitting in the ceramic base and possibly get knotted up with each other. Bracelets would work better though.

MyTagAlongs – Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Made from a soft nylon-type material, not the normal plastic you usually associate with cold packs, this pack can be heated or frozen. I love how versatile it is. It’s flexible as well as long and thin so it can also fold quite easily.

FabFitFun Fall 2017 Choices:

This time I made one of the two choices but for the second choice, I purchased the additional item. So instead of two items I ended up with 3. I’m happy with all three.

Choice 1:

The JetSet Diaries – Cable Knit Beanie

I really love this thin knit toque in a lovely cable knit pattern. It is stylish while also being a cold weather staple. There were two colours, pink and black. I was secretly kinda hoping for the pink one but I happily received the back one. It’s more versatile.


B-Low The Belt – Mia Belt

I hate belts so I didn’t choose this one nor did I purchase it and add it onto my order. They looked really cute though.


Choice 2:

Molr Dental Club – Organic Carbon + Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder and Toothbrush

I found out that when you go to the dentist for your teeth whitening, they use an acid product that enters the minuscule holes in your teeth. It goes deep.

I haven’t used this powder yet but Charcoal stays on the surface so it probably won’t last as long or be as effective as the dentist’s whitening. The other problem is that it is quite abrasive so you should only use it like once every six months. Or even longer.

That being said, all you have to do is Google activated charcoal to find additional uses for this product. Like treating acne or insect bites. A great multi-use item.


Dphue – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

I read some great reviews online for apple cider vinegar hair rinse so I was really looking forward to trying it. While it wasn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, I did like. Word of warning though, there are oils in this rinse that left my shower, and feet, quite slippery. I had a rash on my back when I used this rinse and it really aggravated my rash. My back was really itchy for the rest of the day.

The rinse smells of vinegar but it cleaned my hair very well and it did condition it. I have hair that knots up easily though and I couldn’t brush it after I washed it so I did add a leave-in conditioner. My hair is wonderfully soft. More so than when I normally wash and condition it. I’ve also gone without washing it for two days since and it still looks great, not greasy at all.

I ended up going three days before I washed it again, with my regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair was still softer than it has been in years, it is usually quite dry and damaged from colouring.

There is one of those protective seals under the cap. You can poke a hole through it or do what I did, take the entire thing off. You will then have heaps of the rinse flow out onto your hair. It isn’t supposed to lather but when you put enough of it on your hair, it does sort of lather up.


Cottonelle – FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths

This travel size package is a sponsored bonus to the box.


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