Do you ever get so excited about something that your brain just blanks out?  No?  Oh.  Mine is.  This is my blog about stuff.  I want it to be exciting & interesting but you know, that’s in my head and not necessarily in anyone else’s head so maybe it will be really dull & boring.  I guess we will have to see.

I LOVE traveling more than most people can imagine.  Unfortunately I don’t get to do as much as I need to stay sane but I still try to do things here in the Vancouver area or even close by, if I can’t get away farther.  Sometimes life gets in the way, which means I make decisions that once again push traveling back, but sometimes, I’m able to make a decision about life that lets me go traveling.  I would like to share my excitement & joy when I do get to travel whether it is far (my last trip was the UK & Morocco), or close to home (Whistler, Seattle…).  In between those trips I will try to share different places or even events I attend here in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver area).  Being a lactose intolerant vegetarian who is also not allowed most (ok, almost all) sweeteners, I might also share my opinions on various restaurants, foods, or even recipes that I enjoy or find helpful. Include some other random subjects or items that I enjoy and want to share and you have my blog. A little bit of everything.

One thing I learned from traveling was that some of the best places or advice was received while making conversation with other travelers so I kind of now live my life like that.  I really enjoy hearing about new places, exciting events, interesting eateries or even a new product I might enjoy whether it be close to home or far away.  You never know where you might end up going next or what you might end up trying.

Please join me in this new adventure of mine and as always, I would love to hear about places or things I should try so you are welcome to send me a note with a suggestion.


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