I have to admit the reason I tried Soft Peaks soft ice cream in Burnaby (conveniently located across the street from Metrotown) was because I saw they created a sundae style treat using Tim Tams as a topping. Tim Tams (two chocolate biscuits with chocolate cream icing between them and the entire thing is coated in chocolate) have been known to rule my life since my trip to Australia, so of course I had to visit. I wasn’t disappointed either. Here is the Tim Tam (website) but don’t get too crazy excited about the flavour options. I’ve only found original, dark, and caramel here in the lower mainland at Superstore and London Drugs.

Anyway, enough about my Tim Tams addiction, let’s get back to the delicious ice cream. Soft Peaks soft ice cream (website) is made in store, using organic milk from local Avalon Dairy (website). It is seriously cool that they are using organic milk from a processor located in Burnaby, that started in 1906. The only independently owned dairy processor left in BC.

The ice cream is also only lightly sweetened using dextrose instead of a GMO sugar like high fructose corn syrup. Not only is it lower in calories and fat than other ice creams but it isn’t as sweet either. It’s just a really nice creamy, light soft serve ice cream.



Soft Peaks soft ice cream has some very different and interesting flavours, sauces, and toppings too. Other than the Tim Tams, other toppings include Okanagan & Fraser Valley honeycomb, Himalayan pink salt, toasted coconut, Yuzu marmalade, cornflakes, Matcha powder, sweet red beans, espresso, tiramisu, and seasonal fruit. There are also two ice cream flavours, the original classic milk and the kinako (explained to me as a bit of a nutty flavour). The standard chocolate and caramel syrup flavours are offered as well as the slightly different maple syrup, liquid honey, condensed milk, espresso, and matcha condensed milk. Not to be outdone by those flavours though, are the blueberry and strawberry purees. I’m not kidding when I say that Soft Peaks soft ice cream really stands out with their flavour options. This is a company that is trying to treat your taste buds with the extra care and attention they rightfully deserve.

I have tried both flavours of ice cream, with the unknown kinako being a wonderful surprise. It was both subtle and delicious, not outright nutty but there is a hint of it. Here is everything I tried.


This delicious, wonderful, amazing treat is made with chocolate sauce and yup, you guessed it, Tim Tams. When it is served in a cup you get sauce streaked down the sides, Soft Peaks original milk ice cream, and broken Tim Tam. That’s it. Simple but with some tasty results.

Salty Himalayan

Oh Wow, I loved this. You get to choose your sauce for this one so I went with caramel. It created a wonderful salted caramel ice cream sundae; being the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and ice cream. The caramel and salt went so well together.

Green Forest

This one really made me step out of my comfort zone, which is why I chose it. The sundae was full of flavours I have never had before. And textures I had never mixed with ice cream before. There is a matcha sauce, matcha powder, condensed milk, sweet red beans, and I chose the delicious kinako flavoured ice cream to go with it all. I thought the matcha powder on top was a bit too overwhelming cause I kept accidentally inhaling it. Even though I found it to be too much, with too many new flavours for me at once, I will try this again. Each of the flavours were good and it blended well together. It was just a bit too much different for me in one sitting. That’s just me though. I found the kinako ice cream was a really good choice for this sundae.

Frissant Ice Cream Sandwich

The Frissant is a flaky, buttery cross between a croissant and a doughnut. It is cut in half with the sauce of your choice on one half and the ice cream placed on the other half, before being put together. The frissant makes a great partner to the soft ice cream for the ice cream sandwich because it has a soft texture as opposed to the normal harder cookie. I chose caramel sauce and it was subtle enough that all the flavours blended well together.


The Soft Peaks Soft Ice Cream Burnaby location is only a little over a month old but the service is great, the food is wonderful, and I’ve enjoyed every item and every visit. I like that they have so many compostable items too, including the spoons. My taste buds have been surprised, treated and they keep trying to get me to go eat more ice cream.


The original location is in Gastown and they do have different ice cream flavours but I haven’t been there yet so I still have to head over. I’ve heard they are busy but that won’t deter me. I just have to give it a bit of time. Between the ice cream, the Cookie Challenge, and finding my favourite hot chocolate, I’ve been eating a lot of treats lately.


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