I was at the car dealership the other day with my S’well Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle (website) when the receptionist told me she’s been seeing everyone at school with one. I interpreted that to mean, I had to tell her how wonderful it was. And it is wonderful.

I bought the S’well stainless-steel insulated water bottle solely for one reason. It was a stainless-steel water bottle with a lid that I could put fizzy water (affiliate link) in. Those are not easy to find. The insulated part was an added bonus. The cost of it almost had me changing my mind but I decided to give it a chance. I really wanted an alternative to plastic bottles.

I do not regret my purchase. My S’well bottle has been used for hot & cold beverages and it has even saved me time in the mornings now that I can get my cold, fizzy water with lemon juice, ready the evening before. There is also the largest selection of colours and patterns I have ever seen for a stainless-steel bottle and it is available in several different sizes. I chose the 750ml size in Iris, a lovely purple.

When I am out and about for hours I end up taking several plastic water bottles filled with fizzy water and lemon juice with me to last and keep me hydrated. This means to keep the water cool I also have to carry a small flexible cooler and ice pack with me. It’s not a big problem but I was happy to find an easier alternative. The only downside is that you must hand wash the S’well water bottle, it can not go in the dishwasher.

When I used the bottle for Hot Chocolate:
I made myself a hot chocolate at home but it was too hot to drink right away and I was in a rush to get to an appointment, so I decided to put it in the S’well bottle to drink later. Six to seven hours later when I came home from my guided meditation class, I was really looking forward to that hot chocolate. I poured it into a mug and it was still as steaming hot as when I put it into the bottle hours before. It was very impressive.

The true test, the reason I bought the bottle. When I used the bottle for Cold, Fizzy Water:
I poured my lemon juice and fizzy water into the S’well stainless steel water bottle before I went to bed. The next day, about 12 hours after I had filled the bottle, after my physiotherapy appointment, I drank the water. It was still both fizzy and as cold as it was when I took it out of the fridge the night before. I was so happy and excited. I had finally found the alternative to plastic water bottles and my fizzy water (affiliate link).

So far I only have the one bottle but I do plan on buying more. Honestly the only downside(s) I have found with the S’well stainless-steel insulated water bottle is the fact that it can not go in the dishwasher and the size. The 750ml size is larger than you would expect, which I’m assuming is because the insulated part adds to it. I would also like either the 500ml or even the new cute little 260ml size. Something that would be convenient and easy to carry in my purse but still give me my water supply.

The S’well stainless steel insulated water bottle is sold in stores and online in Canada. You can also buy it directly from their website and ship it to Canada. I bought mine from Chapters.

I bought the 500ml bottle and took it with me travelling. In my mind, this is the best thing I could have done. In Australia sparkling water is easy to find but the country has some really hot temperatures and I didn’t want to spend $3.50 – $4.50 for a small bottle of water many times throughout the day so I bought 1.5 litre bottles at the supermarket for $0.70. While I was able to put them in the refrigerator wherever I was staying, it meant that I needed to sort myself out for the day, so my S’well water bottle was filled and I had something cold and fizzy to drink later in the day that didn’t cost me $4.50. I also found that depending on how hot the outside water bottle temperature was, the water would still be quite cool and fizzy, if not cold, in the water bottle several hours longer than the listed 24 hours.

In New Zealand sparkling water is less common so buying from the grocery store is, most of the time, the only option. Except when I was staying or visiting with friends because they all had a SodaStream. You can read how I feel about the SodaStream here.

Also, it comes in handy for flights. I am able to purchase a bottle of cold, sparkling water after security and pour it into my water bottle. I then have a large amount of cold, fizzy water whenever I need or choose to drink it.

All in all, my extra 500ml S’well water bottle was a very smart purchase for my travels and I am very happy I picked one up before I left Canada.


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