I loved Australia. I know, I saw a cockroach in Alice Spring’s that made me question everything I knew about life (you can find the link to that interesting story at the bottom of this article). And yes, bugs ate me like I was a free buffet they had never tasted before, which I guess I really was. Unfortunatly I also learnt the body sweats in places I never knew existed and I probably smelt like something died. But I really did enjoy my trip. And if I had to choose, I’d say Cairns and Fitzroy Island Resort (website) were probably my favourite. I think this is where I finally started to relax.

Although I found out once I had arrived in Cairns that the weather is more bearable around May, I did still enjoy the hot weather. If I would have known in advance that it was also stinger season and I wouldn’t be able to safely go into the ocean without wearing a stinger suit (like a wetsuit), maybe I wouldn’t have been slightly disappointed though. The heat and the scenery really made me want to be in the water.

There are quite a few activities offered out of Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef but they weren’t an option for me. Things like diving or sailing or even one of the other activities would have been awesome but my body just wasn’t up to the challenge. Instead, I found Fitzroy Island Resort. A little island resort located smack in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Details

Fitzroy Island is 4 square km in size, made up of gentle hills, tropical rainforest, and like 97% of it makes up the Fitzroy National Park. The island is fully accessible to the public with walking tracks throughout. There are two beaches, Welcome Bay (where the Fitzroy Island Resort is located), and Nudey Beach (not a nude beach but it was named the #1 best beach in Australia for 2018 by 101 Beaches). The island also contains a historic lighthouse as well as a Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

The Resort had special things going on over the Christmas and New Years and I even spoke to people who were staying there an entire week. I unfortunately could only afford to stay one night but I would have preferred a few more days there.

Getting to the Fitzroy Island Resort is quite easy. It is a 45-minute each way ferry ride from Cairns on the Fitzroy Flyer, the resort’s ferry. Like everything else at the resort, the ferry is an additional cost. but local fisherman and private yachts can also use the public moorings.

ResortWhile Fitzroy Island Resort offers day trips to visit the island, I’m so happy I chose to spend the night instead and experience more of what the resort offered. I’ve never stayed at a resort that was on its own island before and I’ve never been anywhere tropical before. These both made for a very relaxing stay.

Resort Facilities at the Fitzroy Island

Not including the wonderful rooms or the awesome pool, the facilities are the extra stuff. I may or may not have spent time in the pool both days I was there, before I checked in and after I checked out. Even though the day I checked out it was cloudy and rainy. It also doesn’t include the beach which is made up of dead coral. Something you definitely don’t see every day at a beach.

When you arrive and check-in, you are given a wristband to wear for the duration of your stay as well as a map of the island with and activity and tour price-list, plus a schedule of all events for the week. They have you covered. It also allows you to figure out everything you want and can do.

Luggage Storage

One thing I really appreciated is the fact that the Fitzroy Island Resort has an air-conditioned luggage storage for people who arrive before check-in and who leave after check-out. I was both of those. I took the ferry over earlier in the day, arrived and was told where to store my luggage before I went and had lunch. There are open shelves in the storage room as well as paid lockers you can rent. It’s a great set-up for guests.

Foxy’s Bar

Foxy’s Bar is a huge, covered, open area on the beach where everyone, including families, are welcome. They serve a casual food menu and there were even vegetarian options for me. I thought the food was of a good quality and I was very happy with my lunch. They were also setting up for a buffet while I was finishing my food so I guess they offer that too.

The Dive & Adventure Centre

The dive and adventure centre is the place to go for almost everything water based on the island. They rent out all the equipment you could need, including the stinger suits, as well as organize and run the tours. A stinger suit wasn’t personally an option for me at the time I was visiting but I did take the Glass Bottomed Boat Tour out to see the Great Barrier Reef. Other than feeling a bit bad for being on a boat in the water over the Great Barrier Reef that is dying, it was amazing. And it provided me a way to see the Reef without having to dive. It was awesome and an amazing experience.

Zephyr Restaurant

I ate here for dinner the night I arrived as well as breakfast the next morning. I had a bit of a later dinner but the restaurant definitely wasn’t overly busy the night I was there. My meal was fancier than the bar lunch I had earlier in the day but they were both delicious and great quality. Like I said, the menu was fancy at Zephyr which means there were only a handful of items to choose from and only one was a vegetarian option.

The restaurant was quite busy for breakfast the next day though. I paid the additional charge for breakfast when I booked my room and there was quite a lot to choose from considering I am a vegetarian. That being said, I have had breakfasts of the same quality, or even better, free at other hotels I’ve stayed at.

The General Store

The General Store is the only store on the island and it is mainly there for tourists so it contains necessities and some basics and it is priced accordingly. Just like any other convenience-type store you would find in a hotel but bigger and with a larger selection.

Massage Services

Between the physical pain I was in and my friend sending me money for Christmas, I decided to get a massage at the Fitzroy Island Resort. I had about six hours or so after I checked out of my room so I stored my luggage in the storage room and paid for the massage.

They prefer you book a massage while you are still staying in the resort, before you check out, and they happily come to your room then which adds to the relaxation. But there was a room on the main floor where I was able to get the massage in. You can also get a 20-minute foot massage at the pool if you prefer that. Or if you want, get both. You are at a resort on an island surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef so you might as well enjoy yourself.

Necessities and Entertainment

Fitzroy Island Resort is a great place for singles, couples, but also families. In fact, the resort has quite a lot to offer and entertain.

Guest Laundry Room, Kids Room, Games Room, Library, Movie Cinema


The Fitzroy Island Resort was amazing and if I ever end up in the area again I would really like another stay, but for a few days next time. I loved my time there. The only downside is the fact that everything is an additional cost. Nothing was included in the nightly stay price for the room. But it was so beautiful and relaxing there.


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